Building web3 infrastructure for non-crypto natives

User-friendly and blockchain usually don’t mix. We’re here to change that.

Arden integrates blockchain as an additive element to businesses’ existing systems to provide their customers with the benefits of next generation technology through a familiar web2 experience.

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Web3 infrastructure

Digitize your assets for unrivaled control, tracking, and analytics

The digitization of assets onto the blockchain unlocks the next era of online value-add, from internal operations to outbound marketing, e-commerce, and user behavior. We work across industries with AAA game studios, CPG distributors, fine art institutions, and others to help them build new connections with their customers while providing new revenue streams and new age analytics.

Digitization of assets

Arden's Verifiable Dynamic Digital Record (VDDR) technology
realizes the promise of blockchain to:

Prove the authenticity and value of assets

Digitizing an asset onto a public distributed ledger allows for transparent and verifiable tracking for the life of the asset. This registration reduces fraud, creates trust between parties, and eliminates double-counting errors.

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Track and analyze asset behavior

While the core qualities of an asset can be immutable, Arden’s digital record of these assets can also update real-time metadata based on the asset’s behavior. These updates can come from multiple sources (on or off of a blockchain) from your existing supply chain solution to integrating with third-party data.

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Allow customers true ownership of the assets they purchase

Web3 digital assets provide an evolved model for both game developers and players to create value and engagement that's additive to the gaming experience.

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Arden can help your business with

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Earn, build, and maintain public trust with a verifiable transparent database

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Create deeper and more meaningful connections with your customers via digital ownership

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Increase and expand revenue opportunities through marketplaces and digital asset gated experiences

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Discover insights about user and asset behavior by connecting your data with on-chain transaction data

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